Manpower/Recruitment - SIA CONSULTANTS, successfully manage to recruitment funtions for a large number of customers on an exclusive, preferred supplier basis. Our recruitment consultants are experienced in their field and maintain strictest standards of quality, discretion and loyalty. We provide customized human resource consulting & outsourcing to meet our clients's special needs and interests. We are registered with Govt. of India and member of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.
Global Education - Educational Excellence, High Rate of Employment and Good Income Potential with Excellent Work Environment attracts the top students from across the globe. Outstanding academic standing and resources of the Universities in the developed countries make sure that you get the most from your experience in an international education institute.
Work Permit - Interested in working abroad? Well you can't just hop on a plane for any country and start looking for a paid job. To work would be illegal without a work permit, which you cannot acquire without a job offer and very few employers will offer you a job if you haven't applied for a work permit. But,Sia Consultants can help you cut the red tape, acquire a legal work permit and place you in a job.
Visitor Visa: is for applicants who intend to travel to Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, New Zealand or anywhere across the world as tourists. The visitor visa or Temporary Resident Permit (TRV) is country specific and may be for single entry, multiple entry or transit purposes. Generally, visitor visas may be granted for a renewable period of 6 months.
Immigration - With the world revolutionizing into a global village, distances are shrinking and breaking of trade barriers with advancement in technology has created a phenomenal demand for potential businessmen worldwide. Developed countries like Canada, USA, Europe, Australia & New Zealand offer excellent opportunities to attract potential investors to establish new business or expand/diversify their existing business.
Specialized in   - (1) U.S.A Tourist Visa (2) Student Visa in Denmark (Europe) (3) Schegan Tourist Visa
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